She graduated in Veterinary Medicine at University of Parma in November 2008 with an experimental thesis about Magnetic Resonance Imaging of brain tumors that was the result of one year of collaboration with Dr. Massimo Baroni ECVN. In the same year she succeeded the state exam and came back to Genova, where she was born, for working as a general practitioner.
The passion for MRI pushed her further in the diagnostic imaging path and in September 2009 she moved to Sasso Marconi where she started a training under the supervision of Dr. Federica Rossi ECVDI.
In January 2010 she moved to UK where she completed a four months training at the diagnostic imaging department of the Animal Health Trust with Dr. Ruth Dennis ECVDI. In July 2010 she met Dr. Martin Konar ECVDI who offered her the opportunity to start a collaboration in Italy at the Ospedale Veterinario San Michele (Lodi) where she worked for three years under his supervision. In the end of 2012 she moved to Davis, California, to attend a stage in diagnostic imaging. When she came back to Italy she started to work as MRI consultant for Esaote both in Europe and USA.
In May 2013 she moved to Rome and she started to work at Clinica Veterinaria Roma Sud with Dr. Daniele Corlazzoli ECVN. In October 2017 she moved to Padova where she joined the imaging team of Clinica Veterinaria San Marco starting to collaborate with Dr. Giovanna Bertolini.
At the end of November 2017 she started an imaging residency, with an alternative program, at Cambridge University under the supervision of Prof. Michael Herrtage.

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